Best Seller in Accounting Management.

This is the most complete and easy-to-use customs clearance program with a large number of settlers in all the Customs of Greece.

The full version of the DASMOS customs office computerization application includes:

  • Imports - Exports - Community Transit (T1, T2 etc) - DEFK - BIS - TIR
  • Faster fill in and print to all types of declarations (import, export, etc.).
  • Automatic data selections from encoded tables (e.g., customers, tariff classes, currencies, countries, and more).
  • Fill in the form on the actual form of the phrases!
  • The various fields are filled in on the computer screen in a declaration form with the possibility of movement at all points of the form!
  • Automatic Taxation of Imports and Taxes for all types of taxes
  • A powerful calculation tool and the most  complex way of taxing imported items based on the determination of tax types and the amounts on which they operate.
  • Fill in and print both sides of the form (front & back)!
  • Automatic data transfers from field to another for very quick completion.
  • Complete BIS form (front & back) with automatic data transfers to and from the first spreadsheet of the declaration and automatic tax calculation in the last gender.
  • Examples of declarations. Very powerful tool for filling declarations that are repeated in similar shapes (eg only quantities,collis, pieces etc. are changed while the other items remain the same). The time of issuing declarations with this tool is drastically reduced.
  • Catalogs for retrieving declarations in time by date or customer.
Publication of Accompanying Documents

Automatic and fast publishing, through clarification and automatic data transfers, a number of accompanying forms such as:
DETE - DV1 - Responsible Statements - Zone Transit Licenses - CMR - EUR.1 - Certificates etc.


The program also includes an integrated economic circuit that fully covers the needs of the customs office in the financial dealings with its customers. The bottom line of the financial tracking that accounts for customers is the part of the invoice that includes:

  • Customer Tabs
  • Customer Balance
  • Statistics & Comparative data for periods (months - years)
  • VAT Analysis of two-month income
  • Cumulative Invoice Statement etc.

Ecomomics Management

Including the full management of the office clientele and its financial monitoring with various projections and prints such as:

  • Customer Tabs
  • Customer Balances
  • Statistics & Comparative data for periods (months - years)
  • VAT Analysis of two-month income
  • Cumulative Invoice Statement etc.
Codings - Libraries

It is the part of the application that includes the tables with the various coded elements such as:

  • Currency
  • Goods Classes & Descriptions
  • Customs
  • Warehouses
  • Ways of Transmission
  • Presented Documents
  • Terms of delivery
  • Countries
  • Import regimes
  • Messages & Stamps
  • Taxes & Charges, etc.

Most of these tables come complete with the installation of the application from the official boards of GSGS. of the YO, while of course the user is free to change and complete them according to his will.