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In an ever-changing business environment, the online promotion of your business can not just be a static presentation of images and texts that do not respond to real-life developments.


Customers enjoy buying from their homes, from their work, or via their smartphones.  They search, compare and having an easy enough web experience of shopping in general.

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Internet has finally became a personal issue! If you want a website or blog for you, then a personal website is just what you are looking for. Get a professional image that demonstrates your commitment to your customers, enhancing your individual business.


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Support in Teaching Assistance since 2010

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Support in Teaching Assistance



Fiber to the office (FTTO) is an alternative wiring concept for local networks in office environments. It combines passive elements (optical fibers, patch panels, boxes and connectors etc.) and active mini-switches (FTTO switches) to provide Gigabit Ethernet to the end devices.

In networking with its FTTO model there is no limitation of 100m with copper wires. Implementation is done with less and cheaper equipment.

EVRESIS can carry out a study and take over the FTTO network that caters to your business needs.

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